“Our garden vegetables do very well with Clean Water Grow. In just two years the health of the garden crops were obvious. This past year, the corn grew so tall we could hardly reach the ears!” - Gail and Roger Madsen, Oregon Farmers

Clean Water Grow® for Gardening

undefinedOverall Benefits of Clean Water Grow

Strategic Benefits of Our Slow Release Formulation

By design, Clean Water Grow gently supplies nutrients to surrounding plants as the plants can use them. This allows the plants to use more of the nutrients so that they aren’t washed away. This efficiency means that your investment in this product will last longer and will result in healthy, robust plants.

About the Product

Sourced locally in Oregon, Clean Water Grow All-Purpose Plant Food is perfectly formulated for flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. The slow-release formula of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium provides a steady supply of vital plant nutrients for up to six months. This unique slow-release blend helps to reduce fertilizer leaching and protect local waterways by gently releasing the needed nutrients as the plants use them. 

The Makers of Clean Water Grow

Clean Water Services is the water resources management utility for more than 570,000 people in urban Washington County and small portions of Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Lake Oswego, and Portland. Clean Water Services operates four wastewater treatment facilities, constructs and maintains drainage management and water quality projects, and manages flow in the Tualatin River to improve water quality and protect fish habitat. Although Clean Water Services maintains a close working relationship with Washington County government, it is a separately managed and financed public utility.

By choosing Clean Water Grow you're supporting the sustainable recovery of essential plant nutrients, helping to preserve sensitive local waterways, and advancing research and development of innovative water management solutions. Clean Water Grow isn't just great for your garden; it is a locally-sourced, sustainable fertilizer alternative. Part of the proceeds from Clean Water Grow support the Clean Water Institute™, a non-profit advancing watershed restoration, environmental education, and resource recovery through innovative practices and partnerships.

undefinedHow to Grow Steady

Clean Water Grow is suitable for bedding plants, shrubs, trees, garden vegetables, flowers and fruit. Use 1 tablespoon per square foot, or 1 tablespoon for each 10-inch container or hanging basket. Water thoroughly after applying.

For best results, work Clean Water Grow into the soil at the beginning of the growing season. Repeat every three to six months as needed. 

Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children and pets.